8 Awesome Koh Samui Activities and Adventures (That You Won’t Find on Other Lists)

Koh Samui island has long been one of the country’s favorite hotspots for tourists and holidaymakers. These days, on arrival at Thailands second-biggest island you can find literally hundreds of things to do on Koh Samui, to suit any budget or traveler type. A quick google search will turn up numerous lists of the best-known Koh Samui activities.


Unfortunately, many of these “best things to do” lists show the same Koh Samui attractions listed time and again. Personally, we found this a bit dull – see the Big Buddha, watch a beach sunset, visit the Fisherman’s Village, get a massage, watch the Thai kickboxing. Not to mention, many of these are entirely sedate and passive activities that just don’t suit our traveling style for long.

Like any place, Koh Samui sightseeing does have its big hitters – the waterfalls and the Big Buddha are undoubtedly some of the most famous places to visit in Koh Samui. However, this list aims to showcase some of the more unique and untypical Koh Samui day tours and activities. We guarantee that this is the most unique list of what to do in Koh Samui that you will read this year!

1. Island Escape Game

Escape the Island is one of the most unique tours in Koh Samui that we discovered during our visit. If you have done a traditional escape room game, then you know the concept already. You have a fixed amount of time to solve all the clues and escape from the locked room. Except, in this case, you are not in a room.

Once arriving at Koh Tan, the Escape the Island game starts proper. We and our teammates had to solve a number of clues which involved puzzle skills, as well as activities like trekking over swamps, walking wooden bridges through mangrove forests and kayaking over the lagoon to solve the puzzle. Escape the Island was great fun and one of the Koh Samui must-do activities that we experienced.

2. Indoor Skydiving

Who knew you could skydive indoors? The EasyFly experience is an opportunity for an indoor skydive in Koh Samui! Offering a freefall experience in a vertical wind tunnel, EasyFly Samui opened more than two years ago and is the first of its kind in Thailand.

The EasyFly activity is open to everyone including children, as long as the individual weight is over 20kg. Inside the wind tunnel is an amazing and exhilarating experience! A massive propellor pushes the air upward at a speed of 200 km per hour. You can literally float around in the tunnel. No matter what the weather, the easyFly experience is amazing fun and should be included in everyone’s Koh Samui itinerary!

3. Rock Climbing and Rappelling

To a newcomer, rock climbing can be a daunting experience. But doing so on a natural climbing wall can offer a great introduction to a safe and guided environment. Rock & Ropes is the only outfit of its kind on the island. It provides an excellent experience for any budding or advanced adventurers wondering what to do in Koh Samui.

The Rock & Ropes activity itself lasts for around 3 hours and offers a combination of rock climbing and rappelling. The site is just off the main ring road of the island. The rock climbing wall is set into the natural cliff. It overlooks the ocean, with beautiful sea views throughout the activity.

Rock & Ropes Samui is also a very suitable activity for children – the company actually also runs instructional classes for local kids. We can recommend Rock & Ropes as one of the best of Koh Samui tours for adventure lovers of any age!

4. Go-Karting

EasyKart was started by a former French racing driver so this should tell you that it offers the very best Samui go-kart experience. The company opened it’s first premises in Pattaya in 2004 and expanded to its Chaweng Lake location in Koh Samui around three years ago. They offer an 800m racing track, as well as a smaller track for kids or the overly nervous.


EasyKart makes their own vehicles from a location in Thailand to European standards. They have 4 different types of vehicle including one that can be dual-driven for younger drivers. The vehicles can also have their power cut remotely by the staff in case of an impending accident. This makes is a very safe activity to do on Koh Samui with kids. Children must be at least 1.1m to drive either solo or accompanied. Helmets are of course provided.

EasyKart is located in the same complex as EasyFly. You can order food, or play table football or pool whilst waiting for your flight or karting experience. The complex is open 365 days per year.

5. Sea Walking

You can choose from a variety of Koh Samui water sports located all over the island, but there is only one SeaWalking experience! Operated by the Aqua Beach Club, sea walking is exactly what it sounds like. You will walk over the bed of the ocean, experiencing something akin to a “moon-walk”.

No scuba equipment or previous experience is needed for this tour. You will be given a helmet with a glass window to look through. Fresh air is pumped into the helmet as you walk around on the seafloor. You can observe the marine flora and fish swimming right past you as you walk.

This is another of the adventure-type Koh Samui excursions that are perfectly safe for kids aged 7 and up. Particularly, given that all equipment is provided and no special instructional classes are needed.

The tour offers a hotel pickup, along with the boat transfer to the SeaWalking site, The Seawalking Samui tour is a half day activity. It operates every day subject to weather conditions, and advance booking is a must.

6. Jet Boarding over the Ocean

If you want to use a jet ski on Koh Samui then just head down to any of the major beaches and you can easily find one to rent. However, there are a few newer and more unique waterspouts experiences available on the beaches of Koh Samui.

On Bophut Beach (one of the best beach on Koh Samui), we found something we have never seen before, the jetboard! Jetboarding involves a platform that you stand on in the water, powered by a jet ski. Jets of water shoot out of the bottom of the board below your feet, powering you up above the ocean. The trick is then to stay upright!

The jet board activity is operated by Samui Sea Sports and offers a 30-minute experience, plus 10 minutes training on how to use the equipment. Instructors are on hand to assist throughout.

7. Absolut Ice Bar

For the less adventurous who may be wondering where to go in Koh Samui for a more sedate experience, then there is one more unique activity we have left on our list. This is definitely one of the Koh Samui tourist attractions NOT fit for kids – the Absolut Ice Bar in Chaweng. Inside, the temperature is well below zero and the bar is decorated with sculptures and furniture made of ice.

The Absolut Ice Bar is located in Chaweng and opens daily from 10am to 2pm. Entrance charges apply, as well as the cost of the drinks. No booking is necessary.

8. Archery

Love the arrow-flying action of The Hunger Games? Here’s how to join the real-life action. And good news: no one has to die.

Flying Arrows the top-spot for archers on the paradise island Koh Samui. They have the right archery device for everyone; be it for sporting families, occasional archers, or the professional who is used to practicing with high-quality equipment. They offer beginner lessons, training courses and competitions in all common styles. Team training takes place during weekdays mornings. Private lessons can also be booked on request.

So these are the absolute best activities in Koh Samui. All of these are really unique and we believe many of them are even among the top adventure activities in Thailand.

(via Sarah from TripGourmets, cover photo: Yaniv Nagar)


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