Dive Deep into an Underwater Playground

Diving in Koh Samui is yet another reason to visit this tropical wonderland! With clear blue waters, warm waters and amazing marine life, it’s no surprise that the area is an extremely popular destination for both experienced divers and those wanting to take up the sport.

Samui Diving

All levels of divers will find delight in the waters that surround the Thai coast and islands. Getting away from the mainland is key here: the most fruitful archipelagos are found boat rides away from even the remote islands. Koh Tao, reached on a day trip from the incredible Koh Samui, is a wonderful jumping-off point: boat rides out into the Gulf of Thailand can reveal vast schools of marine life unaltered by humans. Deep underwater (as far as 40 meters down) lies a huge playground of wildlife and coral.

Short, accredited dive courses are readily available and prices are very reasonable compared to most countries. There’s a wide range of dive shops offering all levels of instruction and if you look around, it’s not difficult to find courses conducted in the language of your choice (except maybe Inuit). In addition to the affordable prices, one of the obvious reasons dive courses are so popular here is the great locations from which they are conducted — your instruction is usually right by the beach in the shallow, calm waters off Chaweng, Coral Cove or several other places around the island. The water visibility is anywhere between 3-30 meters. The currents around Koh Samui itself are variable, but usually not too strong except on the west coast during the monsoon months. Most diving for novices is only a short boat ride away, while world-class sites for more advanced divers can be found less than two hours away at places like Ang Thong National Marine Park and Sail Rock. Whether you’re considering trying the sport for the first time or are a serious enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed by either the quality or quantity of diving around Koh Samui, aptly called a diver’s paradise!

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(source: Conde Nast, kosamui.com)

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