Everything You Need to Know About Kalamae

Kalamae is a sweet, sticky candy made of glutinous rice flour, palm sugar, and coconut cream. This delicious Thai dessert is a specialty of southern Thailand and more specifically from Koh Samui due to the many coconut tree plantations that were one of the most important economic resources in Koh Samui before the advent of tourism.

Kalamae is the Thai response to French caramel. The texture of Kalamae is very sticky and chewy, making it entertaining to consume and well worth a try. This local delicacy is traditional handmade candies with a delicious taste and all-natural goodness. No preservatives added and it simply melts in your mouth and less sweet. Each pack includes three different flavors of Kalamae:

1) Brown Kalamae is made from coconut palm sugar, coconut milk and glutinous rice flour (or sticky rice flour)

2) Green Kalamae is made with white sugar, coconut milk, glutinous rice flour and pandan leaves for flavor

3) Black Kalamae is made from coconut palm sugar, coconut milk melt together with black & white glutinous rice flour

The most notable place to find it is at Hin Taa & Hin Yai daily market, which features several stands selling this product. It can also be found at most of the fresh markets around Koh Samui.

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