Koh Samui’s ‘s First Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Is Now Ready to Open

If you’re keen on having a meaningful, enjoyable and gentle interaction with an elephant on your next holiday on Koh Samui, consider visiting the island’s first ethical elephant sanctuary which is now ready to open.

One year ago Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai invited a trekking camp owner from Koh Samui to visit ENP and learn about their work. Since then the owner and his family have visited several times. Now after decades of working with elephants in the trekking industry and with guidance and support from Lek Chiailert, the family have retired the first of three elephants from trekking and more will be coming to join them soon.

Please visit and support Samui Elephant Sanctuary if you are around Koh Samui.

For more information please contact Ry Emmerson who is now assisting the project: https://m.facebook.com/samuielephantsanctuary/

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