One of Koh Samui’s Best Kept Secrets

One of Koh Samui’s less known attractions is the Laem Sor Pagoda in the South West corner of the island. This part of Samui is not much visited and quiet, compared to the beach resorts on the Eastern side of the island.

The Laem Sor Pagoda sits right at the end of the somewhat rocky beach of Bang Kao. The pagoda has a golden glowing appearance, especially in the sunlight, when the contrast with the blue waters of the ocean make for some beautiful images. Actually, the pagoda is not gold but built from yellow colored tiles that make it look golden from a distance.

Guarded by two large yaks

The entrance to the pagoda is guarded by two large very colorful yaks, which means “giant”, standing in front of the pagoda, each holding a large sword. Behind the yaks in the pagoda stands a golden colored Buddha image.

The Boat Hall

About a hundred meters away from the pagoda you will find a building called the Boat Hall. This building with glass walls contains a small boat.

Inside it is the wax figure of the monk who built the pagoda and used the boat. This monk is highly revered, local people come here to pray and if their wishes come true, they buy a small model boat and put it inside the large boat.

Visitor Center

On the other side of the pagoda are a small forest and a lake. There are some tables and benches here too, making it an excellent place for some relaxation in this tranquil, peaceful environment. There is a visitors center where you can find all kinds of information about the pagoda.

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