Thailand Ranked the Second Most Muslim-Friendly Travel Destination

Thailand is ranked in second place among non-Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) markets as “the most Muslim-friendly travel destination,” according to the Mastercard-Crescent Rating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2018. Thailand’s improved ranking can be attributed to the continued effort by Thailand’s tourism stakeholders in broadening the availability of halal restaurants and promoting the destination to Muslim travelers.

Koh Samui Central Mosque in Hua Thanon

Malaysia and Singapore have retained their positions as the top-ranked destinations in the US$220 billion global Muslim travel market. Among non-OIC destinations, Thailand is in the second position after Singapore, as the most Muslim-friendly destination for travelers. Japan and Taiwan surged into the top five for the first time since the GMTI was released.

“In 2017, there were an estimated 131 million Muslim visitor arrivals globally – up from 121 million in 2016 – and this is forecasted to grow to 156 million visitors by 2020 representing 10 percent of the travel segment.”

Malaysia retains the top spot in the overall rankings (including both OIC and non-OIC nations), while Indonesia moved up to the second place with the United Arab Emirates. The index, which was officially launched in Jakarta in April, confirmed that the Muslim travel market will continue its fast-paced growth to reach US$220 billion in 2020 and US$300 billion by 2026.

Halal food is by far the most important service that a Muslim traveler looks out for when traveling, and at SILK Villas we have solutions catering to core needs of Muslim travelers, including halal food menu, separate pots pans and cutlery crockery for halal and vegetarians, water usage friendly washrooms, while also being within easy reach of the island’s Salaath (Prayer) facilities.

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