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Famed as one of Thailand’s ultimate destinations for relaxing and unwinding, Koh Samui has an abundance of top-notch day spas. As you’ll be so spoilt for choice, we’ve compiled a list of the island’s top three spas to ease you into your holiday. These places offer everything from traditional Thai massages to body scrubs, facials, and reflexology treatments. Other options to enhance your wellbeing include yoga and meditation sessions, as well as alternative therapies like Reiki. Sit back, relax and delve into our favorite spas on the island.

Cave Rai Ra Beach Spa

It’s totally unique. It’s absolutely extraordinary. And you can be 100 percent sure that there’s nowhere quite like this spa ­ anywhere in the world. Its name gives you an immediate clue as to what makes this place so very different. But Cave Rai Ra Beach Spa’s attractions go well beyond its title. For a start, it’s got a stunning location, being right by the water’s edge in picture­postcard Choeng Mon Beach. And it’s part of the magnificent new Royal Muang Samui Villas ­ a sister property of the renowned Muang Samui Spa Resort, in Chaweng, which hosts another of the island’s premier spas, namely Rai Ra Spa.

As you’ll have guessed, the spa is housed within a large ‘cave‘ and you’ll spot it as you reach the resort’s lovely beachside swimming pool and see it reflecting its sandstone colors onto the turquoise blue water. The cave actually has a waterfall cascading down from the top, which you can hear from within, too, as you’re having your treatments.

You’ll find the spa reception just within the entrance of the cave and it’s here that you select which services you want from the interesting and varied ‘menu’. And then you’re led through a mini-labyrinth of passages and chambers, past a large bubbling Jacuzzi set into the rocks with an open view to the sky above and abundant foliage surrounding it, and various other relaxation areas which also have shafts of daylight coming down from above through openings in the rocks. Although you’re within a ‘cave’ there’s plenty of natural light available almost everywhere.

There are five double treatment suites, each following the same format of having a personal Jacuzzi, shower and lily pond within the open-air ‘bathroom‘ which also has the skylight openings letting in the sunshine from above.

And with fully experienced and well­trained therapists, the level of treatments is as high as the quality of the spa. Thai herbal products are used in most of the treatments, with the renowned French product Biocoh ­being used for the facial services.

Altogether, a visit to Cave Rai Ra Beach Spa guarantees a tropical spa experience quite like no other and will be sure to provide long-lasting memories long after you’ve gone home. And for that reason, amongst many others, it comes highly recommended.

Tamarind Springs

It’s difficult to say enough about Tamarind Springs. What is easy to say is that it’s totally unique. It’s tropical, it’s Asian, and it’s exotic. And the idyllic setting gets under your skin and into your heart. Everything slows down magically when you turn off the main road and enter the palm­lined driveway. Immediately, you begin to sense the tranquility of this magic place. But it’s only when you walk into the heart of the spa that you realize how spacious the grounds are. And how absolutely magnificent!

A short stroll along the stepping-stone pathway brings you to a beautiful thatched reception where soft music and friendly receptionists graciously guide you through the enticing menu.

You can choose a simple traditional Thai Yoga massage or be tempted by the inspiring names of other treatments. Tamarind Springs’ packages are based on professional massage training and quality control. Whatever you choose, you will find the therapists expert and intuitive about accommodating your specific needs.

All the packages include at least 1.5 hours of ‘steam and dream’ before your massage treatments: herbal steam cave and cold-water rock pools, snacks and refreshments in the ‘Tea Sala’. Tamarind Springs has a strict ‘switch­off policy’. All guests are required to leave their mobile phones and cameras (together with their worries and to-do lists!) behind.

Tamarind Springs Forest Spa must be one of the most imaginatively designed relaxation spas anywhere in the world. A ‘walking meditation experience’, you pass under a huge boulder into a jungly realm of the steam cave and rock pool. Huge trees and trailing vines surround you. A rustic wooden walkway leads to the ‘Relaxation Area’ in a forest clearing to another pool and a thatched shelter with refreshments. Time seems to stand still all together, while you slow down to reconnect with the nurturing rhythm of nature.

A unique feature of the Forest Spa is that you only book your time, choosing the massage combination that suits you on the day. Treatments are in lovely, open­sided suites with views across the picturesque valley. But best to try Tamarind Springs for yourself – and don’t try to rush it – the shortest package for the Forest Spa
lasts 4 hours.

Tamarind Springs has always employed professional trainers to develop its massage protocols. Last year it has raised the bar again
with the opening of the Tamarind Springs Massage Academy, employing internationally recognized instructors to teach both beginners entering the industry, or professionals interested in improving their skills.

But I’ll leave the summing up of this extraordinary center to Tamarind Springs’ visitors, by quoting a typical entry in the heavily subscribed visitors’ book – “This place is like heaven on earth.”

Banyan Tree Spa

Already operating 63 top-class spas in 24* countries around the globe, the world-leading Banyan Tree Spa brand definitely needs no introduction. But what I will tell you is that its Banyan Tree Spa Samui is probably the best of the bunch. And here’s why…

The fact that its parent resort, Banyan Tree Samui, is spread luxuriously around its own private cove near Lamai is a very big factor, as there’s space, space, and even more space here, with breathtaking views at every turn. And the spa, itself, covers more area than many of the island’s smaller resorts!

The fact that there’re 10 superb fully–equipped spa pavilions (each including a massage room, a bathtub, an ‘ordinary‘ shower room plus a Vichy-shower room) at a spa is usually its major attraction, but here, at Banyan Tree Spa Samui, it’s just one of many. And the list goes on.

There’s a fully – equipped gym, a state–of–the–art yoga studio, a top-quality beauty salon, plus a complete range of massage and body treatments available, including a number of Ayurvedic therapies. And all the servicesBanyan Tree Spa, Koh Samui, Thailand are performed by therapists who’ve graduated from the renowned Banyan Tree Spa Academy, which was established in Phuket, in May 2001. Quite simply, spa training doesn’t get any better than this, and that becomes very apparent when you have a spa experience at Banyan Tree Spa Samui.

But I’ve saved the most fascinating and, arguably, the spa’s most interesting attraction until last. And that’s the part of Banyan Tree Spa Samui that’s called, quite simply, The Rainforest. They describe it as ’a complete hydrothermal experience combining the best of European spa and hydrothermal therapy with the essence of Asian wellness philosophy to create a haven of serenity, warmth, and comfort’, and this just about sums it up.

The Rainforest is a dedicated area of the spa, offering its very own unique spa experience. A ’rain walk’ along a warm cascading ‘rain’ pathway leads you in and introduces you to the rest of the hydrothermal therapies, of which there are many. Banyan Tree Spa, Koh Samui, Thailand Herbal steams, body­salt­scrubs and hot showers, a Rasul capsule (in which you’re covered in therapeutic mud), Swiss and bucket showers, gently warmed saunas, ice fountains, foot massages, a magnificent ‘Vitality Pool‘, and, above all else, plenty of relaxation throughout.

Altogether, a visit to Banyan Tree Spa Samui, in general, and The Rainforest, in particular, is an absolute must for all adventurous spa lovers; and ones who appreciate the finest of spa experiences available anywhere in the world.

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